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Why SBA?

There is no doubt that small businesses are vital to the strength of the US economy. Lending institutions play a crucial role in providing the capital needed for small businesses. Not only can lending institutions help provide small businesses the necessary funding through SBA lending programs, but can also provide a reasonable return on investment to its shareholders (profitability) and ensure the needs of its community where they provide financial services are continually met (growth).

What’s in the white paper?

This paper examines the reasons for including an SBA lending program as part of your lending institution’s commercial loan portfolio. This paper assesses:

  • 3 Biggest Misconceptions of SBA Lending
  • Challenges of SBA Lending
  • Key Business Drivers and Benefits of SBA Lending
  • Finding the Right Partner to Handle SBA Lending

Offer better solutions to your customers, reduce risk, and increase your loan portfolio. Find out how in our white paper.

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