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It’s Time to Take a Second Look at the SBA

Make the SBA program a powerful tool for liquidity and profitability for your institution by partnering with banc-serv. The SBA is Simple Beneficial and Awesome… at least with banc-serv. Making SBA loans profitable may be a lot easier than you think. Give a us call, you’ll be glad you did.

SBA Your Way

banc-serv is the SBA partner that understands and handles the entire SBA lending process.  From credit analysis, structuring and eligibility, packaging and closing compliance to secondary market management, auditing, portfolio compliance and servicing, and special assets management, banc-serv provides lending institutions the consultation and outsourced solutions they need.

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Why banc-serv

“The SBA Lending Partner” may be a bold statement, but it is something that we can proudly back up. In business as a Lender Service Provider (LSP) for 14 years, banc-serv boasts an in-house staff of 40 employees that work with 300+ institutions nationwide.

As we continue to grow and develop, we always seek to make the SBA program understandable, accessible, and profitable because we have a passion for lending institutions and small businesses alike.

Our Services

Big enough to be your back office, small enough to care


Credit Analysis

Experienced SBA Credit Analysts will work directly with the Lender and the Lender’s Applicant to create a detailed analysis of the loan request in our SBA compliant format (Credit Memorandum). Each Credit Memorandum is reviewed by Senior Management prior to submission to you to ensure a high quality analysis that adheres to the SBA SOPs. Additionally, since deals have a tendency to change from the time they were approved to the time they close, we provide analysis on any changes that impact the credit worthiness of the loan request up to the date of closing.


Structuring & Eligibility

When it comes to this part of the SBA process, it’s critical to have an experienced partner who is aware of the subtle nuances of the SBA lending program. banc-serv has the team that can help your institution determine eligibility, analyze information, and structure loans in accordance with SOP 50 10 5(G) Lending and Development Company Loan Program.


Packaging & Closing Compliance

banc-serv will work with your institution to collect all of the necessary information to complete the appropriate SBA forms for approval. In addition, banc-serv knows that closing is one of the most important parts of the lending process. We will ensure that you obtain all of the necessary compliance documentation before closing and preparing your loan so that your guarantee remains intact.


Secondary Market Management

Assets or fee income? banc-serv can help guide you through the process of determining which option is best for your lending institution. To realize your potential fee income, check out our SBA Loan Yield Calculator here.



banc-serv will follow agreed upon procedures and best practices while reviewing your portfolio. We will ensure your SBA guarantee remains in compliance or is brought into compliance.


Portfolio Compliance & Servicing

banc-serv becomes your back office, instantly providing your lending institution with the expertise needed to complete all aspects of the SBA’s 7(a) Servicing and Liquidation SOP 50-57.


Special Assets Management

Our special assets team has the expertise to guide our partners as their loans approach or go into liquidation. As your back office, we will review and prepare all documentation to ensure your guarantee is paid back in full by the SBA.


We found the SBA frustrating. banc-serv opened our eyes and made it one of our most profitable services. 
- Bank Manager

Your Team

The People Powering banc-serv

We are comprised of dedicated and passionate individuals who genuinely care for the success of America’s small businesses. We continually seek to make the SBA program more accessible to lending institutions every day. We have an expansive staff with significant expertise in every area of the SBA realm. They provide you peace of mind and ensure your loans are being managed properly.

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Leadership Team


Kerri L. Agee



Kelly Isley

Chief Operations Officer



Chad Griffin

Executive VP, Marketing


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